Michael Toti

Michael Toti

  • Avon Connecticut
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Fine Art

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I am an artist and designer.
I have a love for type and found objects.


  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Fine Art


  • Quark
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop.

Work Experience

I have been designing since 1978.
I have seen it all. The rise of the computer and the demise of hand based skills.
I have done everything from trade booth designs to letterheads and business cards.
Currently teaching graphic design both on ground at Manchester Community College and online with Art Institute of Pittsburgh.


BFA from Swain School of Design, New Bedford Massachusetts
MFA from Washington University in St Louis.

Career Status

  • Ready to collaborate
  • Seeking freelance opportunities
  • Seeking full-time employment
  • Seeking part-time employment


  • The Hartford Insurance Company
  • The Nature Conservancy of Connecticut
  • YoFarms yogurt
  • Phoenix Life Insurance Company
  • Dana Pomfret (musician)

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