®'s mission is to create a dynamic online environment
where innovative alchemy will occur. We're empowering the
exchange among creatives, their clients and their fans — and we're
providing simple, elegant tools to make it happen. This Beta version of® is only the beginning.

Team® is being built for creatives, by creatives.

Our founding team and advisors are professional designers, photographers, web developers, inventors, writers, filmmakers, musicians, animators and artists of all kinds.

We're also businesspeople — and we're all about doing what we love, and doing right by those who purchase our work. We strive to make a living AND make a difference.

Core Beliefs

People: The Creative Force

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We're proud to report that the National Science Foundation has recognized that "creators of original content, concepts and products are also the creators of economic value." The NSF has supported the® vision with a Small Business Innovation Research Grant.