Bob Greene

Bob Greene

  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development

Photography lets me set up a graphics collection from travel pictures.

Pictures can get extra touch-ups to make them more appealing.

I had fun making the Ford / Star Wars graphic.


While I have done well in computer setup, repair & maintenance through the years, I enjoy using my creative talents to compliment my technical skills. This reflects my balanced left/right brain approach to life.

I kept Dept. of Defense computers & local area networks (LANs) operational for 21 yrs., and taught myself web design (HTML, CSS & some JavaScript). I was awarded for 2 intranet websites I hand-coded & maintained.

I'm interested in e-commerce solutions. I would like to have hands-on experience from the point of sale registers or sales computers to the database that the website pulls the data from.
Clearly, there is a need for this in the commercial business sector.
I could set up smaller vendors with XML based solutions with web pages pulling the product data from XML files.

My graphic design skills can help small businesses set up their Web presence. I'm very adept at digital photography & graphics edits by now using Adobe Photo Shop and Illustrator or GIMP.


  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development


  • web design
  • computer repair
  • Adobe CS

Work Experience

• 21 yrs. U.S. Army/N.C. National Guard - LAN technician (IT Specialist, Help Desk, Desktop Support duties);
• 6 yrs. webmaster (graphic/web design, e-mail administrator, content management);
• 6 yrs. warehouse shipping/receiving;
• 5 yrs. inventory (cycle counts);
• 3 yrs. wireless networking;
• 2 yrs. VSAT operator/technician;


• Completed both a Bachelors of Science degree in Technical Management minoring in web graphic design as well as an Associates of Arts in Web Graphic Design from DeVry University.
• Numerous correspondence courses including high honors NRI Minicomputers & Microprocessors and ICS COBOL Programming as well as many National Cryptological School technology courses.
• 57 credits from Penn State Univ. pursuing Computer Science then Electrical Engineering 1987-1989;

Artist's Statement

I use the talents & skills God gave me to do the best job I can.

I have adapted to using computers, but occasionally I still enjoying pencil sketches on paper as a concept start.


  • Former webmaster for Baptist Center Church in Clayton
  • NC.


the beauty of nature


e-commerce! I would like to provide small businesses with quality e-commerce websites to help our economy and, in the meanwhile, provide missionaries resources they need to serve the financially & spiritually impoverished..


Unifying Christians & messianic Jews to remind the world how immensely God loves mankind & thwart the violent spread of Islam.

We need to treat each other with respect & compassion. Pray for those who would wish us harm, but don't consider them enemies.

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Career Status

  • Ready to collaborate
  • Seeking internship
  • Seeking freelance opportunities
  • Seeking full-time employment


  • • Dept. of Defense Star award for setting up 2 intranet websites
  • • 2 scholarships for Pennsylvania State University Saturday morning art school

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