John O'Neill

John O'Neill

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Think the Lifetime network is just for sappy made-for-TV movies? Wrong! They also have a morning show, called The Balancing Act, which apparently includes helpful information like the latest trends in education. This week, the show featured the authors of William H. Sadlier's Vocabulary for Success series.

Of course, they talked about how important the video component is to their books to help make vocabulary fun! If you've been paying attention, Kinetic Media produced those videos last year, for grades


The executive producer/director on all projects, John has a degree in film studies and more than 30 years of experience producing film and video. He’s used these skills for scores of clients, from small non-profits to Fortune 100 Corporations.

Growing up as one of 10 kids, John quickly learned how to manage large groups of people and never got into any trouble, according to his mother. He loves his job because it gives him a chance to travel and watch lots of movies and TV, which he calls “looking for ideas.” An avid consumer of books, NPR and documentaries, he loves to share his knowledge. And show off when watching Jeopardy! with his wife.


  • Film / Video

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  • U.S. Surgical
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  • Human Relations Media
  • Wachovia
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Xerox
  • Liberty Mutual
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Rich Messina 11 years ago

I highly endorse John and his company. The are ultimate creative professionals!